peejaybottoms-deactivated201310 said: Take in love ''inhale love'' and let go of your hate ''exhale hate'' is most likely the meaning behind the tattoo.

I get the intention of the phrase, I just don’t think it was successfully executed. There are a lot of trite phrases and “inspirational” quotes out there (ugh just read anything from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series) that mean well, but when inspected from a literal/literary point of view, aren’t really that great. 

Basically, the phrase “exhale hate” sounds more like giving off bitchiness/hatefulness to others. I understand that’s not how it’s meant, but upon first read, that’s kind of what it sounds like.

If you heard someone say, “She exhales hate,” would your first interpretation be, “she lets go of any hate around her?” or “she’s hateful?” I’m willing to guess the latter.